Our team combines the most innovative techniques in genetics, systems biology, bioinformatics, and molecular biology to create an original groundbreaking technology that enables us to discover the most effective available treatment plan for each individual patient’s particular case. We are the only company currently undertaking this kind of exclusive molecular analysis of patients’ tissue samples, consisting of: complete transcriptome profiling (i.e. analysis of aberrantly active vs. inactive genes), analysis of affected intracellular molecular signaling pathways, and establishment of which of the currently available targeted therapies is expected to most efficiently stop each individual patient's tumor.



Furthermore, our company offers a complete analysis of past and ongoing clinical trials relevant to the individual patient’s case. This information is included in our final report, along with our own molecular analysis, and significantly enhances its value and increases the chance of a successful therapeutic outcome. The knowledge and skills of the board — certified Medical Review Committee is the driving force behind our diagnostic method. Thus, we will incorporate each patient’s tumor molecular assessment — performed with cutting-edge technology — with his/her past medical history to develop the most appropriate and individualized treatment strategy. The process is very user-friendly and offers multiple options. Moreover, the company engages top professionals in the field to constantly update and enhance its technological platform.

Our mission is to provide clients with the best quality, globally unique innovative personalized services at a minimal price and the maximum speed.


In sum, we personalize and merge together the results of the molecular profiling, patient’s medical history, and data mining of clinical trials to generate a knowledge-based recommendation of the anticancer drug(s) expected to be the most efficient in each individual case and to create the most appropriate treatment plan.