We created a unique platform termed The OncoFinder that integrates large-scale experimental, computational, and clinical data obtained for an individual patient. For the first time, we developed a biomathematical algorithm that makes it possible to measure activation of the intracellular signaling pathways, based on the large-scale transcriptome (RNA) or proteome (protein) data. This method is universal and may be used for the analysis of any physiological, stress, malignancy or other perturbed condition at the molecular level.


The OncoFinder tool enables both, the quantitative and the qualitative analysis of the intracellular signaling pathway activation, which allows to model the effects of specific drugs on the viability of given cancer cells. By thoroughly scanning our original comprehensive database of drugs approved for cancer treatment, the OncoFinder algorithm identifies the drugs that will be especially efficient for each individual patient.


Our Approach

The OncoFinder platform includes our original software designed for the processing of transcriptome-wide data. It is of equal interest to both, medical doctors and molecular biologists working in the field of oncology.The OncoFinder software includes a set of manually curated knowledge bases and several operational modules that analyze the results of the transcriptome or proteome profiling of a tumor sample versus a set of matching healthy tissues. With these input data, the OncoFinder calculates the Pathway Activation Score value and displays the pathological changes in various intracellular signaling pathways.


Furthermore, based on the above analyses, the Drug Score index is calculated that makes it possible to range the existing anticancer drugs according to their potential to selectively kill the cancer cells of an individual patient. Identification of the anticancer targeted therapeutics that are the most efficient for the individual patient enables a faster and more efficient cancer treatment with fewer adverse effects. It also spares time and costs to the patient and thus, totally meets the demands of modern-day clinical oncology. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best quality, globally unique innovative personalized services at a minimal cost and the maximum speed.