OncoFinder Project has access to unique partnerships, such as high ranking cancer centers, health systems, and hospitals, as well as other patient care facilities that provide personalized cancer treatment plans to their patients.

We offer a multi-dimensional type of partner assistance that includes operational assistance, patient management, and continuous community and physician awareness programs.


Regional cancer experts, in conjunction with OncoFinder Project, can effectually provide individualized and revolutionary cancer treatment analysis on par with that of much larger institutions.

By collaborating with OncoFinder Project, our partners will have exceptional opportunities, which include being able to analyze patients with our exclusive and proprietary OncoFinder platform. Patients no longer have to travel far away, and can receive the same great care in their local cancer clinic, with familiar, local oncologists. We offer all our patients and their oncologists access to our unique online cloud computing operational system which makes it possible to analyze molecular signatures of individual cancers in a user-friendly manner and to identify proper therapeutic strategies.

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Partner programs for hospitals

Partner programs for pharmaceutical companies

We  invite partners to collaborate on Drug Discovery solutions, provided by OncoFinder.  Our partners can take full advantage of our unique analytics solutions to optimise the R&D process.

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Partner programs for researchers  and  laboratories

We invite researchers and laboratories  for collaboration and offer to conduct transcriptome and bioinformatic analysis on our database.


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