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Aging Expert Urges Government Leaders to Accelerate Research in Aging

Leading expert on aging sees extending healthy lifespan as the most plausible solution and a source of growth for economies of the developed countries Read more


Ageless Generation: Interview with Alex Zhavoronkov

The title of Alex Zhavoronkov’s new book “The Ageless Generation: How Advances in Biomedicine Will Transform the Global Economy” well conveys its important theme. Read more


Living to 150: How Will Society Adapt?

Many people express concern about tampering with what they consider the natural order of things. Is it ethical or even reasonable to manipulate the human lifespan? Read more


A New Kind Of Second Opinion — A Price

Our very own Michael Rose has recently been invited to speak on a live interview where discusses the aging process in regards to modern science and medicine. Read more


Yahoo Finance about OncoFinder Project Read



Skolkovo: IBM, Skolkovo Foundation and FORAC will jointly develop targeted medicine platform Read



East-West Digital News: Skolkovo and IBM team up to “extend the healthy productive lives of patients with cancer and other age-related diseases” Read


Lecture — Biomedical discoveries and the ageless generation Read



Forbes: Why We Should Look Forward To Living To 120 And Beyond? Read


Huffington Post: 13 Reasons Why We Will Live Longer Than Our Parents Read


Science Daily: Featured Research — Algorithm developed for anti-aging remedy search Read


Comment by Bani Sodermark Read


The International Aging Research Portfolio Launches Read

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  • A method for predicting target drug efficiency in cancer based on the analysis of signaling pathway activation. Artem Artemov, Alexander Aliper, Michael Korzinkin, Ksenia Lezhnina, Leslie Jellen, Nicolay Zhukov, Sergey Roumiantsev, Nurshat Gaifullin, Alex Zhavoronkov, Nicolas Borisov,Anton Buzdin. Oncotarget. 2015
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